Easy Ka Lang! Stay Healthy Tips for OFWs

staying healthy

Of the many experiences of an OFW, health issues are most likely to be overlooked. Minsan ka lang kasi nakakarining sa mga contract workers na may ganito silang problema. Yung iba, common cold at local virus lang reklamo, others go quite the distance by gaining some extra “love handles” kasi masarap ang pagkain.


Inspite of this, dapat pa rin physically fit, considering na hindi nila kabisado ang health protocol ng bansang kanilang pinagtatrabahuan. Wala din ang PhilHealth na handang mag rescue sa mga kababayan natin. If kailangan nilang maging physically fit dito pa lang sa Pilipinas, why not continue the effort when they are working abroad? Iba pa rin ang malakas ang pangangatawan.


Here are some tips OFWs should apply to maintain a healthy lifestyle abroad:


    1. Hinay-hinay sa kinakain – There are some countries na mura ang meat, pork at lalo’ng lalo na ang mga masasarap na pagkain na hindi available sa ‘Pinas. They might be tempted to consume these on a daily basis especially if their work makes them “on the go” employees. Walang time mag luto? Takeout na lang tayo. “Uy! May masarap na kainan dun!” While it’s natural to splurge and give in, don’t overdo it. Take it easy, pare. Watch out for your cholesterol, too.

eating too much


     2. Mag exercise ka naman – Hindi lang tuwing umaga, but do it regularly. Do a round of basketball with your fellow OFWs, jog a few kilometers (or miles) around the park, brisk walk to work – anything that will make your heart and lungs going. If you’re not the outdoorsy type, why not enroll sa gym na malapit sa inyo? Or buy a couple of dumbbells or skipping rope and do your thing sa kwarto mo.



    3. Easy sa bisyo – Easy sa inom, easy sa sigarilyo. If you are doing these things already, take it slow. Remember, mahal and mahirap ang magkasakit sa ibang bansa. And these vices lead to very serious conditions, mind you. Hindi lang ‘to lagnat o sipon. It could threaten your life and your career. Take it as a weekender lang, ‘wag araw-arawin ang pag-inom. Cut on your nicotine intake while you’re at it.



    4. Be happy – Be positive. “Smile and the world smiles with you” ika nga nila. Lahat naman tayo ay may problema, may it be sa family, physically, financially, but hindi naman kailangan na “pasan ko ang mundo” na lang palagi ang peg mo. God gave you those trials because He knows that you can handle the pressure. And it will all be solved in His time. Pray for His guidance, His continued blessing and ask Him to watch over you and your family back in the Philippines.

be happy


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