11 Things You Shouldn’t Do in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is very strict pagdating sa mga tradition at cultural values nila. And it is only right for other nationalities to respect and follow the laws and rules implemented in the country.
Para maiwasan ang problema, it is important for OFWs in Saudi to take note of the things they shouldn’t do in the country.

This OFW blog post will help you remember the things you shouldn’t do in Saudi Arabia:
Wearing indecent clothes in public places.

Women are not allowed to enter and dine in restaurants alone. They should be accompanied by their husband or a male family member.

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Image source: jeodot.com

Women are not allowed to drive.

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Image source: ibtimes.co.in

Taking photos of mosques, government buildings, military bases, palaces, and people without permission. Do not even point a camera in the direction of women. 

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Image source: www.britainfirst.org

A man and a woman should not be together in a room unless they are married.

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Image source: viewmixed.com

Public display of affection is not allowed, even with your spouse.

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Image source: life-in-saudiarabia.blogspot.com

Non-Muslims are off-limits at mosques.

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Image source: life-in-saudiarabia.blogspot.com

Carrying and using of illegal drugs is a big NO.

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Image source: teacherwithbipolar.blogspot.com

Bringing religious items like a bible, rosary, etc. NOT allowed.  

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Image source: gatto.com.au

Drinking and smoking in public is a no, no!

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Image source: arabianbusiness.com

Gambling and owning of pornographic materials.

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Image source: deccanchronicle.com

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